World’s First Pole Mounted Community Energy Storage in Toronto

Toronto, September 12, 2016 banner-ecamion-15

World’s First Pole Mounted Community Energy Storage in Toronto



eCAMION, in collaboration with Ryerson University and Toronto Hydro, successfully installed and commissioned the world’s first grid-scale integrated pole mounted community energy storage (PMCES) in Toronto.

The novel system, mounted on a Toronto Hydro pole in Toronto, Ontario, is based on eCAMION’s modular battery energy storage system. The storage unit employs lithium-ion batteries that charge during off-peak hours and discharge during peak hours. The 25kW/16kWh unit communicates with residential smart meters downstream through a smart controller developed by Ryerson University.

“Supporting innovative solutions for Toronto’s power needs continues to be a focus for our organization,” said Anthony Haines, President and CEO of Toronto Hydro. “And eCAMION’s pole mounted community energy storage is a creative project that embodies an integrated electricity grid better designed to handle peak demand and improve reliability.”

The integrated system, the first of its kind worldwide, demonstrates the immense potential of energy storage on the grid. It facilitates dynamic and controllable generation and demand of energy, helping Toronto Hydro undertake intelligent energy management functions such as load levelling in the neighbourhood’s distribution network.

The system also helps extend the life of some electrical equipment, which can defer infrastructure upgrades, lowers energy usage during peak hours and helps provide enhanced grid reliability and increased operational flexibility including integration of electric vehicle charging stations and renewable energy sources.

The installation in Toronto, Ontario follows from a pilot project the three collaborators unveiled last November with support from the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Energy’s $50 million Smart Grid Fund initiative.

The project also showcases use of locally developed technology and components, which are all ‘made in Ontario’. “We are excited to be revolutionizing the community energy storage market with our modular solution,” said Elad Barak, VP Business Development, eCAMION. “Our collaboration with Ryerson University and Toronto Hydro is precisely the shot in the arm required to usher in much needed new clean technologies into the marketplace.”



eCAMION Inc. is a Toronto, Ontario-based turnkey solution provider for the community energy storage industry, specializing in integration of battery solutions with advanced grid control interfaces to the control room. The patented intelligent controls operate seamlessly with building management systems, onsite generation units, and the utility smart grid. For more information, please visit or email

eCAMION will be showcasing its modular energy storage solutions at The Battery Show in Michigan. Come visit us at booth 2130 during September 13–15, 2016.