eCAMION Welcomes Visit from MPP Amrit Mangat

Sept 6th, 2017 – MPP Amrit Mangat, representing the Mississauga-Brampton South region, visited eCAMION’s offices last Wednesday for a tour of the facilities and an introduction to some of the company’s current projects.

In one of these projects, eCAMION is currently working with Dallas-based Leclanch√© North America and the Swiss company SGEM to develop 34 electric vehicle charging stations along the Trans-Canada Highway between Ontario and Manitoba. Part of the government’s Canadian Energy Innovation Program, this initiative will make electric vehicle charging more accessible for highway drivers.

Electric vehicle adoption is a major goal of the five-year Ontario Climate Change Action Plan; in this plan, the government aims to have 5% of Ontarians driving zero-emission vehicles by 2020. In order to reach this target, however, infrastructure such as charging resources must be cost effective and widely accessible.

Following the tour, the MPP and eCAMION CEO Carmine Pizzurro discussed the role that locally operated businesses like eCAMION play in the development of clean and effective energy infrastructure within the province.

eCAMION believes that Ontario’s cleantech sector has the innovation and expertise to develop industry-leading solutions to key energy issues. By working closely with the government on projects like developing emissions-reducing technology and encouraging sustainable energy usage, local business can provide valuable assistance to Ontario’s fight against climate change.