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eCAMION delivers Community Energy Storage to Toronto Hydro

“The technology will benefit Toronto Hydro’s distribution grid and set a precedent for the industry as a whole”
Ivano Labricciosa, Vice President of Asset Management, Toronto Hydro

eCAMION prides itself on being the market leader in providing the most state-of-the-art modular energy solutions to power your applications. All of our energy solutions include our patented engineering designs for increase performance, efficiency, and life over all applications.

We offer energy solutions that encompass the spectrum of industries. Modular power configurations can be made in parallel, series, or stacked to suit the clients’ needs. These markets include Communitiy Energy Storage (CES), eAPU (Auxillary Power Unit), Anti-idling for vehicles, and other potential applications (automobiles, drag racing, communication cell stations, homes, cottages, backup power, military, and custom aplications). Write to us about your needs and we will be more than happy to help you with our energy solutions.

Batteries International

Batteries International – Winter 2013

eCAMION Community Energy Storage
Communitiy Energy Storage (CES)

eCAMION has developed a novel energy storage system based on Lithium-ion

Auxiliary Power Illustration
Anti-Idling & Auxiliary Power Technology

eCAMION is committed to reduce harmful emissions and contribute to a


Energy storage for solar and wind power projects

eCAMION Charging Station Proposal
Charging Stations

Supporting growth of EV charging infrastructure